sdmpredictors 0.2.10

Behrmann equal areas projection is now created on the fly from the original WGS84 layer Bio-Oracle layers are downloaded from instead of sdmpredictors downloads layers now from specific URLs instead of relying on and the layer_code

sdmpredictors 0.2.9

Add bio-oracle v2.1

sdmpredictors 0.2.8

Decrease test duration

sdmpredictors 0.2.7

Add freshwater data

sdmpredictors 0.2.6

Introduce dataset versions, fix citations

sdmpredictors 0.2.5

Fix authors

sdmpredictors 0.2.4

New datasets (ENVIREM, WorldClim paleo and future) Added functions related to correlations

sdmpredictors 0.2.3

Remove usage of ~/R/sdmpredictors from tests

sdmpredictors 0.2.2

Fix url in description

sdmpredictors 0.2.1

Fix urls in description and readme

sdmpredictors 0.2

Datadir is mandatory now, instead of automatically writing to ~/R/sdmpredictors.

sdmpredictors 0.1

Initial release of the sdmpredictors package.