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zonator is a utility R package for dealing with various tasks related to Zonation conservation prioritization software. The package started out as a collection of helper scripts which have now been packaged for anybody interested in using a familiar tool (R) in setting up Zonation runs and managing Zonation results.

Functions and classes found in zonator can be useful for the following stages of running a Zonation analysis.

  1. Setting up a Zonation project and pre-processing files (examples).
  2. Running Zonation.
  3. Post-processing, results analysis and comparison, and plotting (examples).


Release version

NOTE: As of 2019-03-15 zonator isn’t on CRAN. Hopefully it will get back there soon, but in the meantime you can install it directly from Github:

You can install the latest release version from CRAN:


Development version

Alternatively, you can install the latest (potentially unstable) development version from Github.

  1. Make sure you have package remotes installed and loaded in R:
# Open R prompt or RStudio and type the following on the command line
  1. Then install zonator directly from GitHub by running the following line in R:
remotes::install_github("cbig/zonator", ref = "develop", build_vignettes = TRUE)


Some examples are provided by the package vignettes. You can view these after installing the package by: